The sun is very manageable, in the shade

Noah, my older one, has been perfectly happy to hang out with his friends all day since the second day at the Club Med. And when I say all day, it’s really all day: from 7:30am to midnight. Good thing I don’t take that personally! I think it’s safe to say that he enjoys the Club Med.

Thomas is about the opposite and I have to force him a bit to go to the junior club from time to time. He is more happy hanging out with me or playing most of the day by the pool.

My own routine is well set with tennis lesson in the morning, followed by pool and some water games the club organizes (water polo, races…), lunch, catamaran, more pool, siesta, more pool, dinner, Scrabble. It turns out that I don’t completely suck at Scrabble, as I did one of my first scrabble combined with multiple words. Should have taken a pic!

My notation of that particular Club Med (Cargèse, Corsica) has gone a little bit down. Without AC, and without screens on the windows to protect from the mosquitos, it’s a furnace in the bedroom and it is very, very difficult to sleep. I gave the feedback. Let’s see if they will fix that in the future (though low likelyhood I go back to this one).

I have been super proud of Noah who joined a show with the Club Med and was the MC. First time he ever did Something like that and was, very objectively 🙂 amazing!

After 9 days of intense sun and farniente, it’s time to fly back to my parents where we are finishing the month of July!

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Corsica discovery continues

It was time to discover Corsica from above and below the sea!

For these past couple of days, we went for a boat day trip that allowed us to discover large areas of Corsica protected under UNESCO, and got a scuba diving initiation. 

The boat trip made me realize how mountainous is this island. It’s literally a huge chain of high and fairly new mountain that is out of water. It really makes for spectacular views from sea.

The scuba diving was super fun with the boys. We were lucky to have a slightly overcast day so we would not cook in our wet suits while waiting. Though this is not the same colorful underwater views of the Caribbean, spending that time with the boys was fantastic. Noah had the best time as you can tell from his huge grin getting back on the boat!

Club Med, Cargese, beautiful Corsica

It had actually been a long time that I had not had a vacation with the combination of hot temperatures, sandy beach, and warm and clear water. And you know what, it is exquisite!

It is only matched by the beauty of Corsica. The dryness of the climate, combined with the alpine style mountains diving all the way to the waters, picturesque old villages and countless picture card beaches, are just fantastic.

Club Med was also a really good choice for this stay. As soon as you arrive, you realize that there is a lot to do and the question is not what to do but how to organize your days to enjoy the most of all the activities! Though the boys have access to their own children camps, they have so far spent most of the days with me, enjoying Catamaran lessons, archery, or simply soaking the sun. I did a little excursion in the nearby village and, oh boy, it is really cute. No wonder Americans are always on awe when visiting Europe. Nothing like it in North America…

Ah, one tip when you go to Club Med, don’t plan to buy sun block in their little store. At €26, it makes you count each drop you apply, and you need each one with that sun!

Evenings have been filled with good food and board games. We are registered for little boat trips and some scuba diving in next few days. Going to be awesome!

Ready for the second leg!

I am wondering where I will have over-eaten the most: At my parents’ or at the upcoming all-inclusive Club Med we are heading to for 10 days. Tonight we just had some home-made Tiramisu, though not exactly a local delicacy, was absolutely delicious 🙂


There is now a ritual every year I come in France, in July, I go with my boys to shop for the Sales (les soldes). Almost invariably we end-up buying things that are not on sale. This year were some nice shoes for Thomas and a red leather jacket for myself, to replace one I had lost in a flight. I love this new jacket. I don’t quite know where it will fit in the luggages though.

One thing I re-discover every year I come in France: store working hours. First Store we went to was closed from noon to 2:30pm. Seriously?!

Super excited to fly to Corsica tomorrow and join my friend Eric and his Children. Will share pics and vids super soon!

Red Leather jacket



Home! Or is it?

It has been 16 years that I moved to US, coming back about every year, and I still get this feeling of being a stranger at home. Everything is familiar but it is not quite home anymore.

So how are these first few days going? Well the jet lag has not been (too much of) a bitch. Thanks to a heavy dose of melatonine and valerian root, I slept well from the first night!

Staying at home with my parents is very much similar every year. I spend the first days solving the computer issues and questions they accumulated for the first year 😀, hike with my dad, and do a lot of nothing the rest of the day. My kids are maxing out playing DS or watching YouTube videos. I also hike on my own in addition, because my mom is feeding me too well, of course! Bread, wine, cheese and dessert at every meal… We play also tennis, bocce ball, board games and so on.

I did not bring a laptop to limit my own computer exposure and so all the writing is on the (Windows) phone. Yeah that’s still a thing!

And in June/July, there are lots of days in my family, so the first weekend we had a little family reunion with champagne, cake and candles to blow.

Good start of the Sabbatical. I am missing my love. 28 days before I will see her now…


It was a day full of surprises. From anticipation to disappointment, and finally excitement and anxiety.

Feeling like a 15 years old, wondering if we will kiss the one for whom we had a crush.

The exotic beauty, as she should, had kept us wondering. Weeks of diet, exercise, weighing ourselves daily and checking our slightest imperfection, might finally be rewarded. We knew how superficial we were, but we had clearly decided: WTF!

In the heart of night, on our footsteps she appeared. Laced shoes, beautiful dark dress and enigmatic smile.

You know you can’t quiet undress her in the hallway. At least not the first time she comes to your place. So you placed a rosé in the fridge and already poured a glass for her. You have small talk but we all know what we are here for: Two girls and a guy, naked and enlaced, bodies shining from oil and sweat, moaning from pleasure.

It’s finally not awkward enough to bring her to our room. I watch them kissing. Fuck, is it happening, or am I dreaming? Two women kissing is the most sensual and erotic thing. Soft lips, curvy bodies. It’s fucking beautiful. You watch them undressing each other. Her breast… Their breasts touching, more kissing… everywhere. You watch and you wonder; is it my turn yet? Can I put my hand on this body, on this beautiful ass, on her hard tits. You hear both of them moaning. You start to undress, insert yourself in the middle and tangle yourself. Slow, slow you repeat yourself. The soft red light is perfect. Shades and shapes you know you won’t forget.

Time has paused. You are in trans. It’s your turn to kiss these two perfect bodies, to navigate your tongue, taste, touch, listen and respond to each breath. You have left aside your own insecurities.

Trust, beauty and pleasure, for a perfect night.

Your Summer Podcasts

Nothing’s better than a summer vacation to catch-up on Podcasts. This selection, I am sure, will make you laugh, cry, swear at injustice, care for our planet, or want to kill or inversely cuddle. You might learn a bit more about yourself and about others. None will leave you indifferent. They are all great to listen and discuss with your children!

I am warning you though: you might become addicted and continue listening to more through the year!

Fermi’s Paradox
(This American Life)
Nothing makes me more protective of the earth than the appreciation of its uniqueness. No matter the odds of another planet similar to earth, there is no planet B accessible. Earth is in our care.

A lot has been written about this podcast and so we won’t add much. Let’s simply say that it is the story of a brilliant and sensitive man, John B. McLemore, who will make you travel to the heart of the US. You will even learn about clocks in a way you did not think you would ever be interested in. The story is deeply moving.

Null and Void
(Radio Lab)
All of us have a bit of anarchist in our core, despite being law abiding most of the time. What if a little known loophole in our constitution allowed us to override most laws? Hint: it’s actually not a theory, but something that is being used.

(Radio Lab)
Bio Science is the most exciting field of this century. This new technology that facilitates making specific changes in the DNA, is sure to revolutionize health in the way penicillin did a century ago.

The Fox and the Hedgehog
(Hidden Brain)
Hedgehogs, view the world through the lens of a single defining idea. Foxes, draw on a wide variety of experiences.
I don’t consider myself either a fox or a hedgehog, but somewhere in the middle. What are you?

(Hidden Brain)
These two monts of vacation will be a good test if I can stay away more than 5min from checking my FB feed. I don’t think I am more happy since I use facebook. My time is more fragmented for sure, and that prevents me from thinking about my desires and long term plans.

Creature Comforts
(Hidden Brain)
I never personally kept any object from childhood bringing me comfort. For the longest time, I considered that as a sign of weakness. This podcast challenged my thinking.

Just Sex
(Hidden Brain)
If you have young children and did not study in US, this is a must to listen. Probably consider listening with your children (+14).

The House + We found Joy
Opiod addiction is a big part of the health care debate these days in US. Puts a face to the Opiod addiction.

The Capital
This podcast will break your heart. So much violence. Reminds you how lucky you may be, coming home every day and never worrying about your safety.

Would you have kids, given climate change?
Provocative thought but as any person specialized in recycling will tell you, the best way to save is to not consume. Or as Mr Smith says in The Matrix, humans might be a virus for the planet…

You probably have eco anxiety. You just don’t know it
Actually, I knew I had eco anxiety. If you do, you won’t feel alone. I wish I was a fucking Republican bible thumper. They don’t give a shit.
You will also learn the effects of plastic pollution on albatrosses in the South Pacific. Scary…