Kissing… further down

Kissing does not have to stop at our lips, right?! It is just the start of exploring each other’s body with our most delicate tool…

Talking of lips, there are obviously another pair of lips that quickly get jealous of their siblings! You know who I am talking about… so let’s wait no further and discuss how to kiss and do much more down there!

Take the long road

The best cunnilingus never starts with cunnilingus. As both of you spent time sensually kissing, slowly bring your hands down her thighs and open gently her legs. Kiss her thighs, kiss her tummy, kiss her breasts and back. Take a pause. Make her build anticipation. Resume slowly your kissing and grow closer to the epicenter of her desire.

The guessing game

Her breathing is deeper and her body is begging for more. But you know you decide the pace. Your tongue is ready to give her a hint of what will come next. Slowly lick around her warm and pink pussy. Just with the tip of your tongue. Always little bits at a time, always let her have to guess where you might wander next. She knows where you are going but cannot guess what path you will travel. Take the long road and surprise her with every kiss.

Wait, so many places to discover along the way!

It is incredible how many areas there are to discover if you can find the explorer inside yourself. Let the tip of your tongue delicately unfold the mysteries behind every crease of her pink and wet lips. Surprise her and go further south than she thought you would go. Yes, all the way down there! Carry back your tongue and your lips all around her kitty. Only give her a little bit at a time of what you can do.

Gently insert your tongue inside her pussy and pretend you are going to go higher, only to stop. Give more kisses and lick her again with the tip of your tongue. The tip, almost always the tip! It is the most precise and sexually arousing tool!

She is ready

Her hips are moving with every swing of your tongue and with every kiss you apply. She wants more and you have made her wait. You carefully find your way with your tongue, from the lips that you carefully opened, all the way up to her clit. You can feel how hard it became and echoes how hard you feel now as well. You flick the tip of your tongue slowly and with the lightest pressure. Just a few seconds. You take a pause, you kiss it and go back with your tongue. As you repeat, you carefully add pressure, you might even use your lips to so slightly pinch it. But then you always go back to the start, kissing and licking around her lips.

As you feel her desire mounting, you increase the rate of your flicks. You hold her breast, she grabs your hair. Her hips are begging to be fucked. You might make her cum or it might be time for you to drive inside her.

But remember to always delay, always make her guess and pause when the desire is mounting. Time is your ally.

Have fun and report back!

Hints for everybody!

  • Be freshly shaved or if you have a beard, make sure you apply the lightest pressure!
  • It’s ok to ask that everybody is freshly showered!
  • Warm your hands if you are going to use them (gently!)
  • Be comfortable so that you don’t feel rushed and stay down there as long as possible!

The art of kissing

We don’t read and teach enough about proper kissing.

My discussions with friends and own experience have taught me that unfortunately too few people are great kissers. So here I am, implying that I am a great kisser, going to dispense a few tips!

It must be like flirting!

A wonderful kiss starts by very delicately touching each other’s lips.

Never go hard, and go super slow. Touch slightly their lips with yours, and pull back. Build the desire in your partner to want their lips to be kissed again. It must be like flirting.

I personally enjoy kissing only one side of the lips first. It focuses the senses. Give attention to either the upper or lower lip. Think you are kissing your partner’s body and slowly discovering each area.
You can never spend too much time teasing them with these soft, low pressure kisses of their lips.

Slowly build the intensity

As the desire mounts, you can very, very gently bite their lips, and let them bite you back.

Caress their hair with one hand, and slowly bring their body closer to yours. Your hands must match the pressure and rhythm of what your lips are doing, and you can slowly build the intensity. Remember to pull back and take pauses, and look into their eyes. Each pause makes your partner beg for more, and will increase your own desire. Slow is good for everybody. You can then restart from the beginning and build again slowly.

Use your tongue delicately

As the pressure of your lips increase, open your mouth gently. As an invitation. Tenderly touch each other tongue and enjoy going back to kissing their lips. Play, and dance slowly with each other’s tongue. As you go back and forth between lips and tongues and IF you feel your partner is inviting you for more, you can increase the “passion” through more pressure and slightly more speed.

There can be immensely satisfying kisses without using your tongue. I would argue that most romantic kisses are without the tongue, and I reserve it to really confer passion.

Using your tongue hastily will literally ruin a kiss.

Finish with a soft kiss on their lips

No matter how passionate your kiss was, there is nothing better as finishing with a soft kiss on their lips. It brings closure and tenderness.

Have fun!!!

PS: Don’ts, for the younger kissers 🙂

  • Don’t Apply high pressure with your lips
  • Don’t hit your teeth on theirs
  • Don’t Open wide your mouth
  • Don’t Rush your tongue inside their mouth
  • Don’t try to clean their teeth with your tongue

The power of a hand-written note

Every time I now need to write with a pen and paper, it is painful and takes a real effort. In the past 20 years, I have been gradually forgetting this skill and I can only imagine how little of it will remain to my children.

We are now so addicted to communicating electronically (short messages, emojis, meme, gif), that we have forgotten the connection that a hand-written note can create, the power of emotion it can convey.

As much at home as at work, we should seize the opportunity to share hand-written notes as often as possible. Wish a beautiful day to your partner as you leave home, Say thank you for the work that a team-mate has accomplished, Provide comfort to a friend in a difficult moment.

Take a pen and piece of paper.

Think of making somebody smile, and write them a note.


The Art and Science of Creating Great Slides

I wanted to share a little bit of wisdom I gathered over the years, to help you build solid slides for your next presentation.  These tips won’t get you invited on stage to a TED talk, but they may help you convince a customer, or win an argument with your team.  Here it is!

  • There has to be a natural visual and cognitive flow from slide to slide
    • Visual flow
      Context switching is very costly for viewers to follow your presentation.
      Every time you change visual aspect, you force their brain to perform an adjustment taking them away from the content and what you say.

      • Consistent slides layout from one to the other:
        • Position of the title.
        • Size of the fonts.
        • Spacing between lines.
        • Position and alignment of the graphs.
        • Colors.
        • Type of icons, illustrations and graphs need to be consistent in their style, size and color.
      • Usage of punctuation must be consistent.
    • Cognitive flow
      The viewer should never feel lost.

      • Start with the big picture and slowly drill into details.
      • Slide titles match agenda items.
      • If you have sections, people need to understand in what section the slide belongs to.
      • Be consistent in your use of inflected forms of the verbs (base, -s, -ing, etc.).
  • Information density
    • Have a consistent information density on all slides.
    • It is pretty obvious when there is too much on a slide. Rework the content, break-it between multiple slides until you are satisfied.
    • Too little info in a slide with large blanks is… too little. It usually means you need to re-organize your slides and group information.
    • Use animations as necessary
      • Simple animations are the best. They should not be distracting from the content.
      • They can help to focus viewers’ attention.
    • Easy to read, short sentences.
      Actually, move away from full sentences as much as possible. Few exceptions are ok such as mission statements and quotes.
  • Visuals
    • Graphs
      • Always a title; Always a legend.
      • All fonts must be large enough for easy reading.
      • Don’t mix some 2D and then 3D graphs.
      • Combine multiple data points in a single graph when possible, to make data comparison and interpretation easier.
    • Screenshots & Images
      • Ensure you take a high resolution screenshot so that it looks sharp when resized.
      • Crop to just what viewers must see.
      • Ensure that colors match your overall slides palette.
        PowerPoint has some good features to re-colorize pictures or any type of icon.
    • Illustrations / Smart art
      • Again, keep a consistent color palette.
      • They must look really pro. It is easy to quickly create some arrows, and things of that sort, that don’t look so good.
    • Tables
      • Not too much information and not too little. It is an art but you can tell when you can compare a good looking from a bad looking table.
      • Use the same colors for all tables in your document.
      • Style and amount of info in each cell must be consistent across most cells.
    • Fonts
      • Don’t use fonts that are really large and bullets/sentences flowing on multiple lines.
      • Stay away from large bold or colored elements to bring attention. Usually means you have long sentences hiding the rest of the info. It also really takes away the viewer attention from anything else.
  • Grammar and orthography
    • With all the tools at our disposal, we have no excuse.


What are your tips to improve slides?

Rice pudding in layers — Cooking Without Limits

From the traditional rice pudding, I prepared a beautiful dessert in layers with vanilla and chocolate. Sanna Tiisanoja from Sanna Essential Oils sent me a while ago some essential oils to use in my kitchen. I used the lemon one for this dessert and I loved it. With only just a drop of it, I […]

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A bientôt la France !

I knew the month would fly, and it did!

I am bringing the boys to the airport tomorrow morning. Need to be up at 3am!!!!
I had not spent a full straight month with them for a long time, and now I won’t see them for a month 😦

It has been another great week in any case, and we did a few things I had never done before such as the “Visite Insolite” of the Basilique in Lyon with absolutely outstanding 360 view of Lyon (merci, André !). We also did a treasure hunt in the old Lyon and the boys really enjoyed running from one place to the other.

These last few days were also the chance to see some friends, and a trip to the medieval village of Pérouges. Perfectly preserved. A great stop if you are in the area. One of my friends reminded me that their specialty is fried grenouilles. I love these!!!

This morning, I got up early to go get croissants at the nearby village. Always such a pretty walk and I saw some beetles (?) copulating. They were actually completely still. Nonetheless, quite an exercice when you have to hold to leaves :=)

Chatting with the baker he told me that he was up at midnight to start the work. I thanked him to allow us to get our treats in the morning. Poor man seemed to be already exhausted at 8am!

Two more days and Amanda and I are in Venice.




WP_20170728_17_38_14_Pro_LI 1

Model X in the médiéval village of Pérouges. When latest technology meets history…



Collage Brullioles Nature

Morning walk to the village


La Vogue

We have a tradition every summer we go in France, we attend “la vogue” aka, the carnival. In the nearby village my parents live, it happens around bastille day every year. It is something the kiddos look forward and this year was no exception. I might be looking forward to it as much as them, especially driving the bumper cars! We also get to eat churros and win a few worthless toys from shooting balloons with a small rifle. Memories for life!

Countryside remains as gorgeous as ever as well, and I don’t get tired of my daily hikes by wheat fields and hay rolls.