The sun is very manageable, in the shade

Noah, my older one, has been perfectly happy to hang out with his friends all day since the second day at the Club Med. And when I say all day, it’s really all day: from 7:30am to midnight. Good thing I don’t take that personally! I think it’s safe to say that he enjoys the Club Med.

Thomas is about the opposite and I have to force him a bit to go to the junior club from time to time. He is more happy hanging out with me or playing most of the day by the pool.

My own routine is well set with tennis lesson in the morning, followed by pool and some water games the club organizes (water polo, races…), lunch, catamaran, more pool, siesta, more pool, dinner, Scrabble. It turns out that I don’t completely suck at Scrabble, as I did one of my first scrabble combined with multiple words. Should have taken a pic!

My notation of that particular Club Med (Cargèse, Corsica) has gone a little bit down. Without AC, and without screens on the windows to protect from the mosquitos, it’s a furnace in the bedroom and it is very, very difficult to sleep. I gave the feedback. Let’s see if they will fix that in the future (though low likelyhood I go back to this one).

I have been super proud of Noah who joined a show with the Club Med and was the MC. First time he ever did Something like that and was, very objectively 🙂 amazing!

After 9 days of intense sun and farniente, it’s time to fly back to my parents where we are finishing the month of July!

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