Club Med, Cargese, beautiful Corsica

It had actually been a long time that I had not had a vacation with the combination of hot temperatures, sandy beach, and warm and clear water. And you know what, it is exquisite!

It is only matched by the beauty of Corsica. The dryness of the climate, combined with the alpine style mountains diving all the way to the waters, picturesque old villages and countless picture card beaches, are just fantastic.

Club Med was also a really good choice for this stay. As soon as you arrive, you realize that there is a lot to do and the question is not what to do but how to organize your days to enjoy the most of all the activities! Though the boys have access to their own children camps, they have so far spent most of the days with me, enjoying Catamaran lessons, archery, or simply soaking the sun. I did a little excursion in the nearby village and, oh boy, it is really cute. No wonder Americans are always on awe when visiting Europe. Nothing like it in North America…

Ah, one tip when you go to Club Med, don’t plan to buy sun block in their little store. At €26, it makes you count each drop you apply, and you need each one with that sun!

Evenings have been filled with good food and board games. We are registered for little boat trips and some scuba diving in next few days. Going to be awesome!


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