Ready for the second leg!

I am wondering where I will have over-eaten the most: At my parents’ or at the upcoming all-inclusive Club Med we are heading to for 10 days. Tonight we just had some home-made Tiramisu, though not exactly a local delicacy, was absolutely delicious 🙂


There is now a ritual every year I come in France, in July, I go with my boys to shop for the Sales (les soldes). Almost invariably we end-up buying things that are not on sale. This year were some nice shoes for Thomas and a red leather jacket for myself, to replace one I had lost in a flight. I love this new jacket. I don’t quite know where it will fit in the luggages though.

One thing I re-discover every year I come in France: store working hours. First Store we went to was closed from noon to 2:30pm. Seriously?!

Super excited to fly to Corsica tomorrow and join my friend Eric and his Children. Will share pics and vids super soon!

Red Leather jacket