Home! Or is it?

It has been 16 years that I moved to US, coming back about every year, and I still get this feeling of being a stranger at home. Everything is familiar but it is not quite home anymore.

So how are these first few days going? Well the jet lag has not been (too much of) a bitch. Thanks to a heavy dose of melatonine and valerian root, I slept well from the first night!

Staying at home with my parents is very much similar every year. I spend the first days solving the computer issues and questions they accumulated for the first year 😀, hike with my dad, and do a lot of nothing the rest of the day. My kids are maxing out playing DS or watching YouTube videos. I also hike on my own in addition, because my mom is feeding me too well, of course! Bread, wine, cheese and dessert at every meal… We play also tennis, bocce ball, board games and so on.

I did not bring a laptop to limit my own computer exposure and so all the writing is on the (Windows) phone. Yeah that’s still a thing!

And in June/July, there are lots of days in my family, so the first weekend we had a little family reunion with champagne, cake and candles to blow.

Good start of the Sabbatical. I am missing my love. 28 days before I will see her now…