It was a day full of surprises. From anticipation to disappointment, and finally excitement and anxiety.

Feeling like a 15 years old, wondering if we will kiss the one for whom we had a crush.

The exotic beauty, as she should, had kept us wondering. Weeks of diet, exercise, weighing ourselves daily and checking our slightest imperfection, might finally be rewarded. We knew how superficial we were, but we had clearly decided: WTF!

In the heart of night, on our footsteps she appeared. Laced shoes, beautiful dark dress and enigmatic smile.

You know you can’t quiet undress her in the hallway. At least not the first time she comes to your place. So you placed a rosé in the fridge and already poured a glass for her. You have small talk but we all know what we are here for: Two girls and a guy, naked and enlaced, bodies shining from oil and sweat, moaning from pleasure.

It’s finally not awkward enough to bring her to our room. I watch them kissing. Fuck, is it happening, or am I dreaming? Two women kissing is the most sensual and erotic thing. Soft lips, curvy bodies. It’s fucking beautiful. You watch them undressing each other. Her breast… Their breasts touching, more kissing… everywhere. You watch and you wonder; is it my turn yet? Can I put my hand on this body, on this beautiful ass, on her hard tits. You hear both of them moaning. You start to undress, insert yourself in the middle and tangle yourself. Slow, slow you repeat yourself. The soft red light is perfect. Shades and shapes you know you won’t forget.

Time has paused. You are in trans. It’s your turn to kiss these two perfect bodies, to navigate your tongue, taste, touch, listen and respond to each breath. You have left aside your own insecurities.

Trust, beauty and pleasure, for a perfect night.