Your Summer Podcasts

Nothing’s better than a summer vacation to catch-up on Podcasts. This selection, I am sure, will make you laugh, cry, swear at injustice, care for our planet, or want to kill or inversely cuddle. You might learn a bit more about yourself and about others. None will leave you indifferent. They are all great to listen and discuss with your children!

I am warning you though: you might become addicted and continue listening to more through the year!

Fermi’s Paradox
(This American Life)
Nothing makes me more protective of the earth than the appreciation of its uniqueness. No matter the odds of another planet similar to earth, there is no planet B accessible. Earth is in our care.

A lot has been written about this podcast and so we won’t add much. Let’s simply say that it is the story of a brilliant and sensitive man, John B. McLemore, who will make you travel to the heart of the US. You will even learn about clocks in a way you did not think you would ever be interested in. The story is deeply moving.

Null and Void
(Radio Lab)
All of us have a bit of anarchist in our core, despite being law abiding most of the time. What if a little known loophole in our constitution allowed us to override most laws? Hint: it’s actually not a theory, but something that is being used.

(Radio Lab)
Bio Science is the most exciting field of this century. This new technology that facilitates making specific changes in the DNA, is sure to revolutionize health in the way penicillin did a century ago.

The Fox and the Hedgehog
(Hidden Brain)
Hedgehogs, view the world through the lens of a single defining idea. Foxes, draw on a wide variety of experiences.
I don’t consider myself either a fox or a hedgehog, but somewhere in the middle. What are you?

(Hidden Brain)
These two monts of vacation will be a good test if I can stay away more than 5min from checking my FB feed. I don’t think I am more happy since I use facebook. My time is more fragmented for sure, and that prevents me from thinking about my desires and long term plans.

Creature Comforts
(Hidden Brain)
I never personally kept any object from childhood bringing me comfort. For the longest time, I considered that as a sign of weakness. This podcast challenged my thinking.

Just Sex
(Hidden Brain)
If you have young children and did not study in US, this is a must to listen. Probably consider listening with your children (+14).

The House + We found Joy
Opiod addiction is a big part of the health care debate these days in US. Puts a face to the Opiod addiction.

The Capital
This podcast will break your heart. So much violence. Reminds you how lucky you may be, coming home every day and never worrying about your safety.

Would you have kids, given climate change?
Provocative thought but as any person specialized in recycling will tell you, the best way to save is to not consume. Or as Mr Smith says in The Matrix, humans might be a virus for the planet…

You probably have eco anxiety. You just don’t know it
Actually, I knew I had eco anxiety. If you do, you won’t feel alone. I wish I was a fucking Republican bible thumper. They don’t give a shit.
You will also learn the effects of plastic pollution on albatrosses in the South Pacific. Scary…


Day -1 before baguette land and further!

Ok, can’t quite believe it but tomorrow I am flying to start my two months trip / sabbatical !

I will travel to France, Italy, Thailand and Japan. First half of it will be shared with my boys and the second half with my soulmate!

It has been 10 months of preparation; booking the flights, activities, Airbnbs and hotels! My boys are unsure if they want to spend a full month in, as my older put it, baguette land. But there is a lot of fun planned and they won’t be idle too much!

I managed to organize two months of clothes and accessories in a single carry on and a backpack. I love traveling light!

Will keep you posted of our adventures!